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Healthland Spa Signature Manicure and Pedicure

Our manicure and pedicure treatments make it easy to have healthy, shiny nails that are a joy to behold. We will carefully tailor your manicure/pedicure to complete your look, whether you wish to give your nails an all-natural, healthy glow, or achieve a customized result of your liking and desire.

Don’t have the roughest idea Which facial is right for your skin?

Our facials treatments are designed or cater for particular client’s skin types or problem areas. We understand that Everyone’s skin is different, but whether your skin is dry, oily, a combination of the two, sensitive or normal, Our Spa has special facial designed to cater for its needs.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Relieves Stress
  • Improves Posture
  • Helps Manage Pain
  • Encourages Relaxation
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • And Much More


Stylish Manicures and Pedicures.
Polish off your look with our customized manicure or pedicure services offering Express & signature services.

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Get a Cut & Style above the rest
Our hair professionals will ensure you to achieve a beautiful haircut (MEN) and Hairstyle(LADIES) and color that complements your personality & lifestyle.

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Face lifting

Natural and Non Surgical
This facial process stimulates cell renewal without dehydrating. The lift draws embedded impurities out of the pores of the skin through reverse osmosis.

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Facial & Complete Body
Get smooth, sleek and sexy. Waxing isn’t just about hair removal, it is also considered a skin care treatment. And that is our speciality

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Be camera ready any time
Whether you need the perfect look for your wedding day or any special occasion, our skilled make-up artists will get you camera ready & provide make-up tips you can take home with you.

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Massage therapy helps you relax, re-align and rejuvenate
Stress relief is key to achieving a healthier lifestyle. A single massage session can lower heart rate and insulin levels & help reduce daily body stress.

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Hand Therapy
Take the time from your busy schedule to help your hands and nails look their best. •Manicure •Hot Stone Manicure •Radiant Luxury (Anti-Aging) •Spa Soft Paraffin

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Foot Therapy
A good pedicure can turn your feet into a work of art and lift your spirits at the same time. •Pedicure •Hot Stone Pedicure •Ultimate Pedicure •Spa Soft Paraffin •Foot Rituals

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Health Land Spa: Our services and offers

Are you feeling stressed and worn down lately? We know the perfect solution for you! Visit us today at Health Land Spa and allow us to treat you to a tranquil day where you don’t have to worry about anything except your comfort. 

Here at Health Land Spa, your wellness is our priority. For this reason, we will work with the best of what we can offer to bring you a relaxing and stress-free spa day where you can let go of every single problem holding you back and simply enjoy getting pampered by our specialists. 

To bring you maximum comfort, we offer multiple services which include facials, massage therapies, body massage, body detox treatments, depilatory treatments and more. If you want to see the details of our services, please check out the information below and book your best spa experience with us today! 


Here at Health Land Spa, we offer multiple facials that are aimed at exfoliating, cleansing and nourishing the skin. Most of our facial treatments include steams, creams, lotions, extraction, exfoliation, masks, massage and peels. All of these helps your skin achieve a younger-looking glow!

Advanced Anti-Ageing Facials: Anti-ageing and eye treatment instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps up the skin whilst reducing dark circles from around the eye contour.

Advanced Performance Facials: This type of specialized facial treatment allows you to work on a specific issue on your skin. Take a look at the different advanced performance facials we have below: 

  • Soothing Facial – For sensitive skin – Reduces redness and comforts stressed skin.
  • Purifying Facial – For oily and congested skin – balances the function of the skin and repairs scarring.

Young Facial: Ideal for young skins with breakouts-Balances the function of the skin and repairs scarring. This service is perfect for people 15- 25 years of age.


Massage treatments are responsible for manipulating the muscles and tissues to help improve the function of your body. If done correctly, a massage can help you feel relaxed with far fewer aches on your body. This hands-on therapy is perfect for reducing the swelling of your muscles and can even expedite the recovery of your body from strains and sprains. Take a look at the different advantages of a massage below:  

  • It alleviates back pain and improves range of motion
  • A massage can help you relax by keeping your nervous system calm through gentle strokes
  • A massage can help you improve your blood circulation. By doing this, the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in your body would improve as well. 

We offer the following types of special massage treatments:

Hot Stone Massage – Ideal to ease the pain and tension of aching muscles, as well as deeply relax and rebalance the mind and body all with the healing power of warm stones.

Swedish Massage – A medium-firm pressure massage to alleviate aches and pain.

Health Land Spa Signature Treatment – Choose your aroma from; Stress relief/Bliss/Calming/Exhaustion and fatigue/Invigorating/Rejuvenation and relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage – A deep pressure massage using traditional Tui Na massage movements, that incorporate skin rolling thumb, strokes and drumming movements.

Mother to be massage – Ideal to help relieve tension in your lower and upper back and alleviate any swelling in the hands and feet while easing your mind and uplifting the spirit.

Body detox treatments 

The detoxification takes place by getting rid of the hazardous substances in your body and expelling the toxins through different treatment methods. This can be carried out through a massage or therapy that cleanses your whole body. Take a look at the different detox treatments we have prepared for you below:

Colon Hydrotherapy: A revitalizing treatment that removes toxins that recirculate in the body, damaging the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and immunological systems. Colonic irrigation combined with colon hydrotherapy can help to relieve constipation and return stool function to normal.

Foot Detox: A natural way to remove toxins from the body through the feet while also strengthening the immune system. It will make you feel energized, detoxified, and rejuvenated.

Hand and foot experience 

Your hand and foot are arguably the part of your body that moves around more than the others. For this reason, it is more susceptible to pain and tension that is why we created the perfect treatments that would bring comfort to your hand and foot muscles. Take a look at the services that we can offer below: 

  • Spa manicure
  • Spa pedicure
  • Acrylic nails full set
  • Gel nails full set
  • Acrylic nail fills 
  • Sculptured nails 

Depilatory treatment 

The depilatory treatment is a temporal method of hair removal. This treatment uses professional waxing products combined with tweezing and threading to suit your personal preference. This is the perfect treatment to achieve that flawless flick brow!

Wraps and scrubs 

Wraps and scrubs is a spa treatment where we cover your body with soothing products that could either brighten, moisturize or smoothen your skin. These treatments cocoon your body with a variety of benefits depending on the mask that you choose. Take a look at the different masks and scrubs that we can offer below: 

  • Body scrubs 
  • Mud wraps
  • Health Land wrap
  • Slenderizing wrap 
  • Cellutox aroma spa wrap
  • Muscles aroma spa wrap 

Individual alternative therapies 

If you have a chronic condition and you are looking for an effective but natural solution, we have the perfect treatments for you! Here at Health Land Spa, we offer specialized treatments based on your health conditions. Check out our different services below: 

  • Reflexology 
  • Ear candling
  • Indian head massage
  • Oncology massage 
  • Stress management 
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition and weight loss 
  • Meditation 

Vichy shower 

The Vichy shower is a new and unique aquatic therapy treatment that is known across the industry for its relaxing effect on the body. This kind of treatment can enhance other treatments that you are using for your body. We highly recommend combining this treatment with a wrap or scrub to intensify the effect of the products used on your body. 

Aside from intensifying the effect of the products Vichy shower can also act as a thermal massage therapy, which reduces your stress levels almost immediately. Moreover, the hydrotherapy method keeps your body hydrated and your blood circulation stimulated. This results in an increased function on your immune system. 

Other benefits of the Vichy shower includes relaxing your sore and tight muscles and stimulating your lymph circulation which then helps eliminate the toxins from your body. 

Health Land Spa signature Vichy treatment 

If you have no idea about which spa treatment would be best for you, then we highly recommend trying out our house special. The Health Land Spa signature Vichy treatment begins with a full-body exfoliation to help slough away your dead skin and reveal younger-looking skin. 

Just like the Vichy treatment, this signature special also enhances the effects of other treatments that you combine with it. During the Vichy treatment, you would be asked by your therapist what wrap you want to use for your treatment. While your body is cocooned in your choice of mask, your therapist will administer a head, neck and foot massage to help you relax and let go of the tension in your body. 

Once you have been properly soaked and massaged, the wrap will then be removed from your body using a sea sponge. This session will remove all the remaining dead skin. To top it all off, a layer of our special lotion would be applied to every part of your body to keep your moisturized and glowing. 

Before booking this treatment, we recommend scheduling a shampoo and style service right after the massage since your hair might get wet during the treatment process. 

The hydrobath 

Hydrobath is a recommended treatment if you want to enjoy a relaxing spa day with your friends or family. This treatment allows you to simply relax underwater and let the water soothe your muscles. Aside from this, hydrobath also has a positive effect on your hormones and nervous system. Book with your friends now and relax together in the tranquil atmosphere of Health Land Spa. 

Weight management 

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. However, it isn’t as easy as most people make it out to be. Sometimes, you need outside help from professionals. Our weight management treatment is a perfectly designed therapy that allows you to maintain your weight at a healthy level. 

This treatment includes expert consultations where a qualified therapist and dietician would examine your habits and lifestyle to determine the best diet and workout for you. Along with this, you will also receive regular detox treatments. 

Exclusive spa treatments 

Our exclusive spa treatments involve luxurious spa rituals to bring maximum benefit to your body. Check out the different treatments we have for you below:

  • Pamper me
  • Slimming package
  • Royal specialities 
  • Absolute spa ritual  
  • Lover’s speciality 
  • Exotic collection 
  • Corporate package
  • Birthday package