Health Land Spa: FAQs and feedback from customers

Do you have any questions for us? Get to know everything about our company and services through our frequently asked questions section below and experience the best spa day with us right here at Health Land Spa! 

When should I make my spa reservations? 

Reservations in our spa are usually done at least three days before your appointment. This is to ensure that you would receive the best of our services. Moreover, this would give us time to prepare for the treatment that we want.  

What is the cancellation policy? 

You are allowed to cancel your booking at least two days before your scheduled appointment. However, if you cancel only a day or a few hours before your booking, you need to pay at least 20% of the service you have reserved.  

What if I arrive late for my appointment? 

We are strict about our client’s appointments. If you are late in your booking, it would only shorten the amount of time that you can indulge in the service that you ordered. However, different terms apply when you completely miss your appointment. In that case, you need to pay 50% of the service that you booked.


Want to see what our customers have to say about our services? Here are a few feedbacks that might help you decide if we are the best spa for you: 

  • The staff are very friendly and that put me at ease even before the massage started. I love the overall atmosphere of the spa. The light makes me feel so relaxed and the massage itself is completely satisfying. – Claire Longman
  • I feel so relieved that I found a good spa near me. I’ve been stressed a lot lately and nothing helps until I decided to give Health Land Spa a try. So far, I am satisfied with the service that I received. I no longer feel that ache on my back so that is something that I am grateful for. – Trisha Weiss
  • I’ve been going to this spa a lot after work. There is something simply relaxing in sitting back at the sauna and enjoying the atmosphere. Moreover, the service is pretty cheap for its quality. I took my friends here last Tuesday and we had a great time. The staff are friendly and it has the vibe I was looking for in a spa. – Aaron Gideon
  • This spa helped me with the backache that had been bothering me since forever! I was so relieved when I can finally stand without feeling my muscles strain. The staff are also lovely. They guided me through the whole experience and even gave me magazines to read. The massage was simply out of this world I will surely come back again. – Lily Miranda    

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