Ladies Packages

Let our professionaly trained therapists support you to achieve your body, facial & skin care goals with high performance treatments and professional advice that will leave your skin feeling velvet soft to touch.

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Men Packages

Ours is a man’s Spa-world: inspired by what Men really want in their life of bliss, royalty and relaxation to offer tremendous indulgence in “thier world”; – its a sanctuary where men can exchange their stress states with tranquility.

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Skin & Facials

Anti-Ageing therapy – Necessity rather than luxury
Remove wrinkles of early ageing due to stress through our advanced healing techniques and therapy that will leave your skin and appearance looking forever young.

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Enhance physical relaxation and emotional restoration.
Achieve this by soothing your nervous system to reduce muscle aches and stiffness and achieve total relief from any stress. Nothing is better than skillful human touch.

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ONSITE & HOMECALL SERVICES of our Assorted Spa services available at reasonable prices

Health land Spa has been designed with total pampering and indulgence in mind.
It is a sanctuary where Men & Women can relieve their stress states with tranquility. We offer complete privacy, with a team of professionals who are dedicated to bringing Men, Women and Spa together in a comfortable & serene atmosphere that clients can truly own.

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Sooth Body, Mind & Soul,
Treatments choices here are a blend of African, European traditions and ancient oriental techniques

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Selective Signature treatments.
Our Spa embraces a holistic approach of confidentiality of its guests to achieve this.

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Spa facilities
Treatment rooms; Turkish bath; Jacuzzi; Juice Bar and spa boutique; retailing grooming products.

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Personalized Services.
Experience royalty & the attentive service and unwind as a spa member or normal guest.

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Health Land Spa: Experience peace and relaxation with us!

Welcome to a place where the hustles of city life disappear to create a world of peace, tranquillity and well being. Health Land Spa provides a haven for luxurious relaxation, rejuvenation to restore lost energy and kick-start a healthy lifestyle. We offer you a quiet place to wind down in an environment that’s peaceful, relaxing and utterly self-indulgent. Make this a trip to discover the simple art of pampering or taking care of yourself.

The stresses of modern-day life can sometimes take a toll on your body, as well as your spirit. However, you can lower the adverse effects of stress by allowing yourself time to renew, revitalize and restore your body into balance.

Let your path to rejuvenation begin at Health Land Spa, Nairobi – Kenya. Ours is a sanctuary from the pressures of everyday life where we pamper your body, mind and spirit. At our Spa you can enjoy an array of comprehensive spa treatments delivered by our highly trained staff in a tranquil environment this includes:

  • Detox & Colon Hydrotherapy 

Our detox and colon therapy allows you to remove all of the toxins in your body. This is done by cleansing your colon through hydrotherapy in which you relax and let our massage artist handle the work. This service also comes with dietary suggestions where you can completely turn your life and health around with a few tweaks to your diet.  

  • Facials & Barber Services

Feeling uncomfortable with your skin? Allow us to make you feel like you’re flawless and beautiful again with our expert care facials. During this treatment, our therapists and professionals would apply multiple cleansing and moisturizing products on your face to remove deep-seated dirt that is stuck on your pores.

Our barber services focus on giving you a light haircut and a shave on the right areas to highlight your glowing skin! 

  • Massage

Sit back and relax as our massage therapist unknots the muscles on your body and remove the tension flowing through your veins. This treatment comes with different styles that you can ask your therapist about to help you pick which would work best for your body. 

  • Individual Alternative Therapies

Individual alternative therapies are perfect for people that are diagnosed with certain chronic illnesses like cancer. 

  • Spa Rituals

Spa rituals are the perfect medication for your tired soul. This treatment is centred around helping you relax through massage and other therapies. 

  • Steam bath and much more

Enjoy a relaxing spa day with a steam bath where you can simply indulge in the heat. 

Health Land Spa was created in 2008. We create a tranquil atmosphere by drawing inspiration from nature, different cultures, traditions as well as technological and scientific advances. Here at our spa, offer health-based and well-being treatments presenting them in a superbly luxurious spa experience helping people to achieve a balance between mind and body.